Skin Rejuvenation With Radiesse  

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Skin Rejuvenation with Radiesse

What Is “Hyperdilute” Radiesse?

Radiesse is a calcium filler which has been used to augment areas of the face. Over the last few years it has been discovered to be one of the most powerful products to rejuvenate aging skin, especially in the neck and body.

Hyperdiluted Radiesse is simply Radiesse that has been thinned out with saline and lidocaine. This diluted mixture is injected into areas where the skin is loose and sagging. The mixture stimulates the body to build new collagen. The skin in the area becomes volumized with improved firmness, reduced sagging and improved skin texture.

With Hyperdiluted Radiesse, Dr. Weinman is able to gradually tighten targeted areas of skin, creating skin that is more firm, smoother and younger looking. We can treat crepe-like skin, skin laxity, and even areas of cellulite. It does this naturally through the body’s own collagen production.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Any area on the body can be treated. Most patients are treating the neck, upper chest, cellulite on the buttocks, upper arms and upper knees.

Does It Hurt?

Because cannulas are used, the pain is quite minimal for these injections. With cannulas the treatments are extremely safe and effective. A cannula is similar to a needle but is flexible and has no sharp point.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Many patients only need one treatment, but typically 2-3 are desired for maximum results. These results can last for many years, however patients may want a touch up every couple of years.

What Kinds Of Results Can I Expect With Hyperdiluted Radiesse Treatments?

These treatments trigger new collagen formation. There are three types of collagen in the body, and Radiesse stimulates Collagen Type 1, which is considered the most important collagen for skin rejuvenation and support. This is the collagen we start to lose after our twenties.

Any area that is sagging or is showing crepe-like skin can be changed with these treatments. You’ll see smoother and firmer skin in the treated areas..

Are Radiesse Treatments Safe?

Radiesse was approved by the FDA as a facial filler at the end of 2006. While Hyperdiluted Radiesse is technically "off label," it is considered even safer than "on label" Radiesse because of the dilution. There is little to no bruising or pain with the cannula treatment by Dr. Weinman. The active ingredient of Radiesse is Calcium Hydroxyapatite, and this is a compound naturally produced in our bones and teeth.

Is There Any Downtime After These Treatments?

There is no down-time. Patients have these treatments done over their lunch hour! There is typically very little bruising or swelling; sometimes none at all.

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