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Essence MediSpa is the only provider in the Hudson Valley, including  Highland and New Paltz, to offer physician supervised UltraSlim treatments. UltraSlim is the only  FDA approved device for immediate fat reduction and is a non-invasive procedure for immediate fat loss without dieting, exercise, drugs, or surgery. Patients lose fat immediately with our patented process. This device uses a special patented type of light to stimulate and shrink fat cells. The treated fat cells respond by opening temporary pores in the cell and emptying the fat cell contents, releasing all of that stubborn fat you just can’t seem to get rid of, without dieting or exercise.

We are often asked what is the difference between UltraSlim and Cool Sculpting? While they are similar in cost, and both are effective in most patients, there are several important differences.

UltraSlim is not painful in any way; treatments are relaxing and pleasant. Cool Sculpting hurts, as fat is being frozen. The discomfort can last for days. UltraSlim results are seen the same day, while Cool Sculpting results can take weeks before they are noticed.

UltraSlim treats a much larger area than Cool Sculpting, approximately 20 times more fat is treated per session. UltraSlim does not produce "shelving." When an area of fat is treated with Cool Sculpting it is destroyed using a small rectangular device. The areas around the device are not treated, which can result in a visible line between the treated area and untreated area. UltraSlim uses a light which is about 5 times larger than the CoolSculpting device; there is no visible border between treated and untreated areas.

The area treated by CoolSculpting loses the fat permanently, while UltraSlim patients have the potential to re-accumulate fat in the same area. The problem is, if a patient consumes more calories than they need and gains weight, the body is designed to store this in the form of fat. An UltraSlim patient will gain fat in the area it was lost, while Cool Sculpting patients will gain fat in other parts of the body, such as around the original treatment area or the arms, legs, etc. This is known as "dysmorphic fat re accumulation."

UltraSlim is a class 1 medical device, the safest devices available. There is no medical risk to a patient using UltraSlim. Cool Sculpting takes 1-2 treatments, while UltraSlim can take 6-8 or more. This is the only real disadvantage to the UltraSlim treatment. However these relaxing treatments are only 32 minutes long and one week is needed between treatments.

At Essence MediSpa we have been treating clients interested in improving their appearance since 2002. We only purchase equipment after careful investigations of their effectiveness. Come in today for a free consultation on the UltraSlim and our other services.






Before and after Ultraslim treatment.

 Patient was treated with Ultraslim in The Villages, FL, and saw significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.



Patient was treated with Ultraslim in Orland, FL, and saw significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well a reduction in fat neck.


Before and after Ultraslim treatment.


Patient was treated with Ultraslim in Orlando, FL, and saw a significant loss in six treatments.   


Patient was treated with Ultraslim in Cocoa Beach, FL, and lost 2.8 liters of stubborn belly fat in four weeks. 



Patient was treated with Ultraslim in Cocoa Beach, FL, and lost 27 pounds with 12 treatments. 

*Results may vary from person to person.

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