Additional Testimonials


Testimonials from Long-Term Patients


”I’ve had this growth on my face since I was a teenager. I was told to leave it alone because I would have a big scar. I had two treatments with the lamprobe and now there is only a small spot where this big ugly bump was. I’m so happy.” - DS, Rosendale, NY


”I had a lot of broken capillaries on my face. I have a lot of sun damage from all the time I spent outdoors. I had laser treatment a couple of years ago and I was bruised and sensitive for a month. I couldn’t go outside and took time off from work. Your treatments left me with barely visible side effects and the results are very satisfying. You need to tell more people about this treatment.” -K.M. New Paltz, NY

"My husband had the UltraSlim treatments and when I saw what it did for him I bought a package. It really works."  J.K. Newburgh, NY

"I had a problem with pain during sex for many years. It is much more comfortable now."  S.P.  Albany, NY


”Your treatments changed my life. Please have people call me to ask about it.” -T.L. Newburgh, NY


”Going to Essence is just plain easy. I don’t wait for my appointment, the doctor does not run late like my other doctors. He is very easy to talk to and I have his cell phone for any questions.” -E.H. Woodstock


”I have been going to Dr. Steve and Jennifer for six years now. I tried another place because they had a botox special and I was disappointed. Essence has spoiled me. “ -J.A. New Paltz


”Dr. Weinman has the most experience in the area in removal of skin growths. My family doctor told me about him. I am very nervous with doctors and needles and I was calmed down the moment I walked in the office. Thank you for making me relax and getting rid of that ugly bump on my face.” -S.S. Kingston

"I never had thick hair, even as a child. Now it is hard to see my scalp, my hair looks so much better."  C.B. New Paltz, NY


”I just went to Essence for laser hair removal of my legs. I have had laser treatments in the past, but the new laser at Essence was the fastest and most comfortable treatment I have ever had.” -R.T. Poughkeepsie


”I can’t believe I waited this long. I should have come sooner.” -R.S. Kingston (Talking about varicose vein injections.)


”I had a growth on my forehead since I was a teenager and I hated it. The plastic surgeon said he could remove it but I would have a scar. Dr. Steve took it off in 5 minutes. I had to go back for one retreatment but that ‘ugly mark’ is gone. I then took my mother who had 5 similar growths remove. Thank you so much Dr. Steve. Also for making it so affordable. “ -MK, Newburgh, NY


”I did not believe anything could help my thinning hair. It has always been thin, but when I hit 50 it worsened. Less than 2 months after I started the treatment there was almost no hair in my bath drain, and after one year of treatment the results are so noticeable my friends are commenting. Thank you Dr. Steve so much.” DG, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Going to Essence MediSpa is a wonderful experience in both body and mind. The atmosphere is relaxing and Dr. Weinman and his staff are all highly trained professionals as well as warm and friendly people. I would highly recommend them and I often do." -MW New Paltz, NY


”I feel so much better about my face since my treatments began. I definitely look longer in the mirror than I used to.” -J.O. Poughkeepsie, NY


”I had laser done before and it hurt and left blisters. Your treatments did not hurt, there was no burning and the hair reduction is at least twice as much. Thank you so much.” -M.R. Fishkill, NY


”My biggest fear was that Botox would hurt. I knew it would work because my friend had it done. But you made me feel so comfortable, and it really didn’t bother me.” -R.D. Ulster Park, NY


“Three weeks after starting the Revage treatments my hair stopped falling out. Such a huge relief!” SS, Tillson, NY


”I started my Revage laser treatment 3 months ago. The hair stopped falling out in the first month, and now I’m seeing a lot of new growth in my hairline.” -TR, Highland, NY


”I look more than 10 years younger with one treatment at Essence.” -LP, Highland, NY


”Dr. Steve gave me Botox and it lasted longer and hurt less than any of my previous doctors, and I’ve had it done a lot!” -DM, Woodstock, NY


”I never thought I could afford to make myself look younger. It really is not that expensive to do a lot at Essence.” -DL, Poughkeepsie, NY


”I can’t stop touching my face after microdermabrasion. It feels like baby’s skin.” -JS, New Paltz, NY


”I used to shave my face twice each day. Even if I was a man that would be too much. Now I spend about 5 minutes a week plucking a few remaining hairs on my chin. I love you guys!” -MF, Rosendale, NY


”I used to spend a half hour each day plucking hairs. Now I spend a few minutes each week.” -S.P. Poughkeepsie, NY


”I still cannot believe it really worked. My sister had laser hair removal done at a spa in Manhatten and she has not had the same results. I was skeptical before I came, but I am quite satisfied with the treatments.” -M.K. New Paltz, NY


”I can’t believe I waited this long for laser hair removal. The amount of time I spent plucking and shaving was ridiculous. I feel a sense of freedom, as silly as that sounds.” -D.L. Kingston, NY

"I am MORE than satisfied with the results of Revage 670 Laser treatments. My thinning hair now looks and feels fuller and thicker, and I feel prettier and younger! I will continue with more treatments to maintain what has been accomplished! Thank you Dr. Weinman!"

 *Results may vary from individual to individual.






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