At Essence MediSpa we offer the Neova line of skin care products. While these products typically do not cost more than over the counter products, the active ingredients in the lotions and creams are much stronger. The FDA allows only physicians to dispense Neova products, and this is why the skin care products from dermatologists and plastic surgeons work better and faster than any you can buy at the store or salon. We have preparations that will lighten dark spots and make the skin clearer, softer, smoother, as well as products that rejuvenate areas around the eyes and protect against the sun. If you are not sure what you can put on your skin to make it look better, or simply would like a free consultation to help guide you in your skin care decisions, please call us at your earliest convenience. Jennifer Pena is an experienced and knowledgeable licensed medical aesthetician, and she’ll be happy to discuss all the options available. Evening and weekend hours are available. 845-691-3773.

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