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*”3 weeks after starting the Revage treatments my hair stopped falling out.” SS, Tillson

*"I've been going to them for hair laser treatments for 2 years and now my hair is better than it has been in 25 years. It doesn't break and it has lovely waves. Of course the main reason I started going there because the top of my head was starting to bald, and that has been reversed. Yipee!"* CP, New Paltz

*”I started my Revage laser treatment 3 months ago. The hair stopped falling out in the first month, and now I’m seeing a lot of new growth in my hairline.” TR, Highland

*”I did not believe anything could help my thinning hair. It has always been thin, but when I hit 50 it worsened. Less than 2 months after I started the treatment there was almost no hair in my bath drain, and after one year of treatment, the results are so noticeable my friends are commenting. Thank you Dr. Steve so much.” DG Poughkeepsie, NY

*”When I first went to Dr. Weinman, I was in a panic. My hair was falling out and nobody could figure out why. We still don’t know why, but after the first two months of using the Revage I could see it was slowing down. I have been using the Revage for two years now and my hair is almost back to where it was before I started losing it.” JM, Fishkill, NY

At the Highland Hair Loss Center we are at the forefront in the fight against hair loss. We were the first practice in the Hudson Valley to offer the Revage 670 medical laser for stopping hair loss and improving the quantity and quality of hair in our patients. We have now moved on to the next generation of hair lasers, the LaserCap. Dr. Weinman offers the most advanced LaserCaps available at a discount from internet prices. Studies have shown significant effectiveness at stopping hair loss and regrowing hair with certain at-home laser treatments. Before anyone makes an on-line purchase of a medical hair laser we recommend a consultation with the Highland Hair Loss Center. There are significant differences between the available laser cap technologies.

We also offer other prescription and non prescription treatments to reverse hair thinning and baldness in men and women.

Are you losing your hair?


Essence MediSpa continues to bring cutting edge technology to the Hudson Valley. We are proud to be the first medical practice to offer this highly effective medical treatment for thinning hair and hair loss. Men and women of any age who are losing hair now have an effective treatment option.

The FDA has approved the technology in hair restoration lasers for safely stimulating failing hair follicles. Over a period of several months, patients see large improvements in hair loss and hair regrowth.

Hair restoration lasers are not a quick fix for baldness. They will not grow new hair on a shiny bald head. They will, however, make a big difference in people whose hair is thinning and want it to stop. The process is slow and steady, treatments are thirty minutes every other day for 6-12 months, then the frequency can be decreased.  Like going to a gym, maintenance is required, and as long as there are regular treatments the hair will continue to thrive.

Treatments are painless, relaxing and now can be done at home for as little as $1000 for a device.

We also offer highly effective prescription medications and other products to reverse thinning hair in men and women. Insurance plans will cover the nitial evaluation, and Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Plans can be used to purchase laser devices, so please email us or call 845-691-3773 to speak with Dr. Weinman.

*Results may vary from individual to individual.


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*Results may vary from person to person.

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