Most people do not have perfectly smooth, flawless skin after their teen years. We tend to grow extra skin in the form of moles, skin tags, warts, etc as we grow older. At Essence MediSpa, we can treat most growths quickly and with minimal discomfort. With new technology patients in the Poughkeepsie, Newburgh and Kingston area can now have “non-surgical” removal of growths that in the past would have left scars, even on sensitive area such as lips, tips of the nose and eyelids. Most growths are not cancerous, but it is always important to have a physician check a growth before it is removed. At Essence MediSpa, Dr. Weinman fully assesses any abnormal skin growth before it is removed. If there is any possibility that it is not a benign growth such as a wart, fibroma, hemangioma etc Dr. Weinman will either biopsy it or refer clients to a specialist.  Essence MediSpa uses the Lam Probe, a unique instrument which can “dissolve” unwanted growths using radio waves. Many of our clients have been to other physicians and told to “leave it alone” because they will develop a scar. However, using the Lam Probe lesions can be safely removed in minutes.  The cost for removal of lesions starts at only $200.00. Call today for a consultation!


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