Sun Spots and Age Spots

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment Soothes and Smooths Your Facial Blues

Do you have age spots, liver spots, or sun damage to your face? Now there is a treatment option other than the use of a laser. Intense pulsed light treatment uses differing wavelengths of light that can be customized according to skin color, the type of blemish being removed, and the body area to minimize any unwanted redness or scarring. Most people are candidates for the procedure, but there are a few contraindications including:

diabetes — this can prolong and prevent complete healing.
scarring — if you are prone to forming red, raised, keloid scars then you may not be a candidate for this treatment.
burns — if you don’t heal well from burns, this may not be an option for you.
Intense pulsed light therapy truly is the magic wand in cosmetic dermatology. It can be performed during your lunch break, and you can return to work after getting your blemishes erased without the redness and peeling that is associated with laser treatments.

During the procedure, light energy is transmitted through the outer skin, the epidermis, and is concentrated in the deeper part of the skin, the dermis. Because of this, it generates heat which stimulates the cells to produce collagen. It plumps the skin and is like giving yourself a collagen filler injection. This treatment attacks the problem from the inside, and therefore, there is no damage to the outer part of the skin reducing healing time.

Laser treatments cause a significant disruption in people’s lifestyles, but now with intense pulsed light therapy, it is a fabulous way to treat the same problems with no side effects and no down time. Call Essence MediSpa today to receive a free consultation on how you can improve the look of your skin with our dermatology treatments. 845-691-3773.

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