What is Intense Pulsed Light Treatment ?

New and trendy skin treatments are constantly hitting the market. Few have proven themselves useful and established staying power in the way that IPL has. Intense Pulsed Light Treatment is a light-based treatment typically used to remove discoloration. This includes sun damage, freckles, and age spots. Those suffering from rosacea, acne, and broken capillaries find this treatment method particularly helpful.

Why does it work so well?

Intense Pulse Light treatment relies on a broadband light source and filters. This allows for selective targeting of specific skin molecules. This focused treatment has minimal impact on surrounding skin structures. This is one of the primary benefits of IPL and a main reason patients choose this treatment method.

How long does it take to see improvement?

The number of treatments needed to correct an issue varies greatly depending on the severity of the problem. Dark spots will typically have dramatic improvement with only 3 to 5 treatments. It allows for the treatment of large areas and there is little downtime for the patient. Most patients will see some improvement after the first treatment.

Is it painful?

Many patients compare it to the feeling of a rubber band snap. It is similar to a hot, right light on the surface of the skin.

Anti-aging benefits

IPL is also known to stimulate the production of collagen. It is often used to rejuvenate the skin and give it a smoother texture. This gives the patient a younger, lighter appearance. It can also be used to effectively treat stretch marks and scars.

IPL is a treatment method that has proven itself worthy in the world of dermatology and plastic surgery. It has a wide range of benefits and uses. If you are considering IPL, know that is it trusted treatment method. Essence Medispa is a leading provider of Intense Pulsed Light Treatments using the most advanced system, the M22 by Lumenis. Call today. 845 691 3773.

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