Menopause is a stage in the life of a woman when she stops releasing eggs from her ovaries as well as menstruating. This is also associated with reduced production of progesterone and estrogen by the ovaries. Most women typically experience menopause in their late forties or early fifties, though some may experience it earlier or later in life. Symptoms of menopause arise due to the decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the bloodstream; some symptoms are hot flashes, mood changes, insomnia, loss of skin tone, and painful intercourse.

Decreased estrogen levels after menopause can cause painful intercourse, thinning of the vaginal wall known as vaginal atrophy. It can also cause vaginal dryness due to reduced lubrication caused by decreased levels of estrogen in the blood. For some women, these can result in painful intercourse, a medical condition known as dyspareunia. Studies have shown that between 17 – 45% of postmenopausal women suffer from dyspareunia. It is advisable to see a physician if there is a suspicion of dyspareunia because this condition can be due to multiple causes; further testing may be necessary to determine the cause.

There are several remedies available for women suffering from dyspareunia. Some of these include:

Vaginal laser rejuvenation. At Essence MediSpa we use the FemTouch Vaginal laser rejuvenation system to stimulate the walls of the vagina to produce lubrication and to rejuvenate the tissue, resulting in decreased pain and increased sexual satisfaction.

Vaginal estrogen: Can be applied locally as creams, tablets or as a ring. The estrogen serves to reverse vaginal atrophy and increase lubrication

Lubricants and moisturizers: These are typically nonhormonal and can be applied prior to sexual intercourse so as to minimize friction.

Improved self-care: Vulvar care should be gentle and frequent. Mild soap should be used to wash; bubble baths, douches, or other substances that may dry out the vagina should be avoided.

Living with painful intercourse/dyspareunia can pose a lot of stress in postmenopausal women. At Essence MediSpa we can treat your painful intercourse quickly and effectively and painlessly!. 845-691-3773.

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