Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal: What To Expect and Post-Care

If you are going to invest money in laser hair removal, you need to make sure that the treated area stays healthy. Even though the treatment might only take a few moments, you really need to take proper care of the area for it to recuperate quickly and without complication. Proper post-care will also prevent scarring.

24 Hours Immediately After a Laser Treatment: Pinkness and itchiness may occur. The laser has been doing its job in disabling your follicles. This has likely irritated your skin to some degree. Residual itchiness might continue for as much as 24 hours, post treatment. Some people describe the sensation as feeling like they have a razor burn. Periodically, assess the area for any abnormal lesions. Your skin will likely be red and possibly inflamed, however the discomfort should be minimal. A cool compress can really help soothe localized pain.

Subsequent Weeks: One to three weeks after your preliminary treatment, you might notice less active hair follicles. After the procedure, the hair follicles shed. You can observe this via the formation of what looks like stubble that is pushing through the skin. Exfoliating is most crucial during this time, to ensure that the hair sheads in a uniform manner. Do not exfoliate immediately after the hair removal treatment. Your epidermis is still raw. After a couple of months, you can revisit us to see if you need followup hair removal appointments to remove stubborn growth.

Apply A Moisturizing Cream, Daily: Apply a moisturizing cream a couple times a day to hydrate the skin. This can help preserve the suppleness of your skin. Ask your clinician to recommend a product should you not have one readily available.

Contact us to learn how our treatments can help you with stubborn hair growth. Our practice is intimate and caters to individual needs.


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