At FirstCare medical Center we have an urgent medical care center, a holistic family practice, physical therapy, plastic surgery and a cosmetic dermatology clinic. The cosmetic dermatology clinic, Essence MediSpa, offers the LightSheer Duet Laser Removal System for laser hair removal. This system is one of the most advanced systems in Hudson Valley for hair removal.

Treatment is personalized and usually takes fewer than 15 minutes per session. Complete hair removal of the treated areas takes a few visits but hair loss can be seen after the first visit.

Laser hair removal can permanently reduce hair on your face and body on most skin tones for both and women of all ages, without requiring your hair to grow out between treatments. Gone are days of shaving, waxing and electrolysis. Also gone are bumps, stubble and irritation from razors and harsh chemicals.

For women we offer:

  • removal of facial hair, including upper lip and eyebrow areas
  • underarm hair removal
  • full bikini area hair removal
  • full leg hair removal

For men we offer:

  • Facial hair removal
  • Neck hair removal
  • Chest/abdomen hair removal
  • Full back hair removal
  • Ear/nose hair removal

Our practitioners are certified and provide a complimentary consultation.

At Essence MediSpa not only do we offer laser hair removal we provide a full line of services to help you look and feel your best. Check us out online or call us at (845) 691-3773.

Hudson Valley’s Most Affordable Skin Care Specialists are here for you.