Chemical Peels

Did you know FirstCare Medical Center where you trust your primary care and urgent care needs also has a Medispa for your cosmetic dermatology needs? Essence Medispa offers a full range of dermatology services, from Botox to laser hair removal. But if you have been curious about chemical peels or are looking for a place to get one, Essence Medispa offers several different chemical peels that will leave your skin feeling brand new.

Glycolic Acid Peel

This chemical peel uses medical grade glycolic acid which deeply exfoliates, lightens age spots, and reduces fine lines. It only takes 30 minutes and works best on people with oily to normal skin. For optimal results, we recommend a series of six treatments.

Lactic Acid Peel

This acid naturally occurs in sour milk and removes layers of dead skin when applied to your face. It exfoliates to expose fresher and healthier skin and also only takes 30 minutes. A series of six treatments gets the best results and lactic acid peels are good for people with dry to normal skin.

For Pregnant Women

We do not recommend chemical peels on pregnant or lactating women. However, we can give you a relaxing Gommage facial. Gommage is a natural enzyme that exfoliates and removes the dull surface skin.

Chemical peels and other treatments are all performed by Jennifer Pena-Trabucco, Licensed Medical Aesthetician, and Dr. Stephen Weinman. Jennifer is one of the area’s leading skin treatment experts and has worked at Essence Medispa for 8 years. For more information on chemical peels or the other services offered here, contact us today.

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