Physicians Can Help Cure Acne

Acne is a frustrating problem for many people. It afflicts teenagers, and it is also very common in adults, particularly adult women. Over-the-counter products like benzyl peroxide can help mild cases of acne, but they take a long time to work and often make the skin peel, dry out and turn red in the process. Because acne can cause permanent scarring, it is a good idea to seek help from a physician if your acne doesn’t clear up after six weeks of home treatment. At Essence MediSpa and FirstCare Medical Center our practitioners are familiar with various treatments for acne.

Combination Treatment

A physician has many tools to fight acne. For mild cases of acne, combining an antibiotic with benzyl peroxide is often sufficient. For more severe cases, topical or systemic medications that contain retinoids can usually cure the problem. Often physicians combine antibiotics with benzyl peroxide and retinoids in their treatment. The antibiotics act to quickly clear up the skin, and the other agents act to prevent future outbreaks.


Many acne sufferers are adult women whose acne is caused by fluctuating hormones. Adult women with hormone-induced acne often do not respond satisfactorily to antibiotics, but they do respond to hormone treatments. Adult women who suffer from hormone-induced acne can almost always be cured with simple medications that regulate hormones (aka, birth control pills).

For women who don’t want or can’t take oral contraceptives, or who don’t respond to birth control pills, a medication called spironolactone is an option. This drug blocks the action of androgens. Studies suggest that around 70% of women experience acne clearance in response to spironolactone. This drug has significant side effects in men; but in women, the most common side effects are a slight reduction in blood pressure and mild breast tenderness.


Medical laser treatments such as the M22 at Essence MediSpa can both target the bacteria that cause acne and can also improve the appearance of acne-affected skin. Intense Pulsed Light is particularly effective in destroying acne-causing bacteria. Laser treatments are usually used as part of an overall acne treatment plan to help clear the skin and keep it clear. Most doctors suggest performing laser treatments once a month for three to four months. Laser treatments are effective for pimples and pustules, but do not work on deep cystic acne.

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